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  • Email: ableschimneys@gmail.com
  • Thanks for the top notch service the other day guys. It was really nice of you all to get my chimney done by some real professionals.

    C. D.-Harker Heights

  • You have a very informative website. Lots of information for us.

    E. S.-Morgans Point

  • Wow, my goodness, oh my, I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe all that came out of my dryer vent. I have got to tell all my neighbors about you.


    ‚ Harker Heights

  • The Heat Shield works great. My central heater did not come on at all when I had the fireplace going. It heated my entire home! I love it!!!


    ‚ Temple

  • I used to be able to sit on the hearth when the fire is going but with the heat reflecting shield in place, it is too hot. This is great.


    ‚ Copperas Cove

  • I love this Heat Reflector. The first time I used it I had my television blanket on my lap. I had to take it off. Too hot!!! It works so well that it heated the living room and hall so nicely we did not turn on our electric heater for almost the entire winter. The savings from us not having to use the heater more than paid for the reflector.


    ‚ Killeen

  • Doug, Thank you so much for your help and the info you provided. I finally got somebody to come out here and fix my dryer. And wow! My laundry is dry in no time. I did not even know that my dryer was actually a good one. I mean, heavy soaked towels! Done!! It does not take me all weekend to do laundry. Thank you so much. My husband did clean it before and it was a little bit better but this is like having a different laundry room with a new dryer! I also feel so much safer now. I really want to keep this up. So please schedule (mine for) a once a year cleaning. I will probably call you before. Again, you don't even know how thankful I am.


    ‚ Kempner

  • Mr. Ables, Thank you for your service and education of burning a safe fire in our fireplace." Thank You.


    ‚ Killeen

  • Thanks for the great job you did fixing the chimney energy loss and the smoke smell. We are so much more comfortable.


    ‚ Copperas Cove

  • You may not remember me but I contacted you over a year ago about how to repair a rusted out Heatilator. Your instructions and guidance enabled us to mae the repair and we feel safe and secure about using it again. We lit it up and it is working wonderfully well!Without your help, I'd had to make a very costly repair.


    ‚ South Central Pennsylvania

  • The last chimney sweep we had did not spend half the time you did and did not do half of what you did. I think we got ripped off.


    ‚ Hewitt

  • A nice, neat job... I am very pleased with your work and am happy to tell folks about you.


    ‚ Kempner

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