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Top Sealing Dampers


If our damper has rusted out and missing, is hard to operate or does not close all the way—you are paying way too much in energy bills. Many older homes just do not have dampers and that is the same as having a window open in your home all year round.

If one of those scenarios is your situation we might can help you. If you do not have a damper getting one installed in the throat is nearly impossible to do and if possible it would be terribly expensive. But in the recent past a new product is solving the problem and making the task easier.

The top sealing damper mounts way up on top of the chimney, away from the heat of the fireplace which tends to warp dampers further compromising their ability seal properly. Instead of a metal to metal seal as is common in most dampers, these have a metal to silicone rubber gasket. Controlled by a heat resistant stainless steel aircraft cable mounted in the fireplace.

Your damper needs to have a positive seal-not just a metal to metal seal but a metal to silicone seal to stop air flow.

In the local area we give you expert installation to ensure trouble free operation. These dampers feature a lifetime warranty also.


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