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From time to time we will have stories and clips of chimney fires.

Here are some for you to see. Chimney fires are nothing to take a chance with. it is much easier and safer to clean your chimney in the first place to save yourself some exciting moments.

The first is an ole country boy showing you what a chimney fire will do. As he says this is only safe if you can take the stovepipe apart. A difficult and dirty job to do by yourself and it can be deadly if you try to burn a chimney out. I am always baffled at idiots who say they burn theirs out every year. They have never had a chimney fire…YET!!!!! It is just a matter of time and then it is too late.

This is a metal chimney that has not been cleaned…it burns the house down.

No matter what the language a chimney fire is a chimney fire.

Another chimney fire and very calm observers.

A chimney fire makes the news…

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