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Cure that smoky fireplace!

When opening a window helps to solve the smoking problem one of these units needs to be installed. In today’s airtight homes, even the best equipment, properly installed, can fail to operate as designed if the basics are neglected. This is the solution when a wood, gas, vented or unvented air starved appliance won’t quit smoking.

We offer two units. The first is the ASV-90…simple to use and easy to install(if you are handy!) … but what a difference it will make by providing a little fresh air! It won’t make your house smell like a Carolina pine forest but it will make it so you can see each other when a fire is going.

Made of tough , paintable ABS plastic, the ASV-90 requires no electricity to operate and requires . Requiring only a four inch hole in the wall.

We also offer an intake that can be placed in the rear of the fireplace. It replaces a fire brick on the back wall and takes air directly from the outside and puts it where it is needed…in the fireplace. No air that has already been heated is used for your fireplace.

In our local service area we can install these for you or provide the product so you can install it yourself.

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