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Replacement Glass Doors for Prefabricated Fireplaces

We have doors for your small prefabricated fireplaces. We specialize in Marco doors. Marco has been out of business for a number of years. Lennox has adopted their lines however good luck in finding a part. To alleviate the aggravation we have found suppliers willing to help our customers find what they need. Lets begin with replacement glass door. We will be adding more doors as we locate them but these will cover most of the fireplaces we see. Thermo-Rite has glass doors for the prefabs too and they have the vents placed in the proper areas to afford ventilation.

These are doors only with no frame.

They will fit in the fireplace just like an original. So if yours have broken glass or missing glass panes now is the time to get them replaced. If you will look on the top front right hand side of your fireplace you will see a metal plate with the model number, etc. on it. Compare that with the numbers listed on our charts for the doors you want(black or brass) and that is the one you need. They are easy to install or we can install them for you in our service area. If you are out of the service area we can email you the installation manual. It’s simple and quick to install when you have the right size.

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