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If your damper is broken, we suggest it’s time to update to an energy saving model which will pay for itself in a short while in energy savings. We can fix some broken dampers but the cost to replace with a new lifetime guaranteed energy efficient damper is often cheaper than the labor and material to replace the old one.

In masonry fireplaces-ordinary blade dampers can rust out when rain water gets in the chimney. If they don’t rust out completely they can rust open or closed or become difficult to operate. In addition to the water, the intense heat from the fireplace can warp the damper, further compromising the metal to metal seal.This lets the air you have paid to heat or cool escape up the chimney even when you are not using the fireplace.

In metal chimneys, the round damper must be smaller than the chimney it fits in to be able to turn for opening and closing. These are impossible to repair and a top sealing damper accomplishes the same result but with an added energy efficiency. Because the damper must be smaller than the chimney it leaves a gap around it for air to sneak through and cost you energy dollars all year long!!!!

Our Top Sealing Dampers are mounted on top of the chimney-away from the heat. They have a silicone gasket seal which shuts out air completely. It is controlled by a braided 7×7 strand of steel aircraft cable conveniently mounted in the firebox.

Would you stand for your refrigerator door having a metal to metal seal? No you wouldn’t and you would get it fixed right away! Then why haven’t you replaced your old damper then? All our dampers come with a lifetime warranty. We have many different kinds of dampers designed to fit different situations. Call us as we will get you the right kind to solve your problem.

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