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Odor Removal

We Remove The Stink

Chimney odors, whether from a dead animal or the creosote, are stubborn. But our strong odor destroying substances work magic. No weak cover ups just simple, and quick odor elimination. All that’s left is the pleasant smell of bubble gum or a hint of apple! And its not just for chimneys … it will work anywhere in the home.

We turn tears into hugs

We have turned tears into hugs many times over the years by killing the stench. Usually from dead squirrels in the chimney. By the time folks figure out where the smell is coming from, the animal has stunk up the entire neighborhood. But no problem-we can get the smell out and let you breath painlessly again.

Once an elderly lady called and asked us to come over and get the dead squirrel out of her chimney. I arrived and looked at the chimney and found that it had never been used. There was no dead squirrel but I could definitely smell the odor. As I moved closer to a table near the fireplace I almost fell over because of the odor. I lifted up a newspaper on the table and the stench was horrific. I also noticed a big wet stain on the table-cloth. I asked the lady if she was missing some fish. She got this dumbfounded look and almost started to cry. Someone had brought her some fish two weeks earlier and she had not been able to find it. I found it for her.

I helped her clean it up and then used my deodorant to do some magic and those painful tears turned into tears of joy. I installed a chimney cap just in case a squirrel were to get in and join the dead fish and then left.

Don’t choke, call Ables Top Hat the Odor-Busters today!

We now have a powerful delivery system to apply some of the best professional deodorizing we have ever found. Call today.

Service Benefits

Our strong odor destroying substances work magic - and not just for chimneys but anywhere in your home.

Service details

  • We remove the stink
  • We turn tears into hugs
  • Animal removal services - dead or alive
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