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Chimney Crown Repair

Your chimney crown is the most important yet the most vulnerable part of your chimney.

On the very top of your chimney the crown provides protection to your entire system. A bad crown will destroy your chimney!!! Typically made of concrete or metal it protects your chimney from rain and snow. Masonry chimneys are crowned with left over mortar and sand and routinely last about 5 to 7 years. The deterioration can begin almost immediately after it is poured as it dries and cracks. The small cracks will soon turn into large cracks which allow rain to soak in. This rainwater migrates to the smoke shelf and there it mixes with creosote and ashes to form caustic acids similar to lye. This leaches into the firebox first through the back wall and eats the mortar away. This can eventually allow flames from the fire to escape the firebox. The photo above is an example of chimney in serious  shape. The  crown is cracked but even worse is the screen over the flue. Keeps the birds and animals out but not the rain. It is destroying the chimney over time.

Is yours in bad shape? Run the tip of a screwdriver along the mortar joint in back of the firebox. Does the mortar turn to sand or is it gone entirely? Intense heat produced by the fires add to the problem as the heat is absorbed by the back firewall repeatedly over time.

When you burn a fire you will never be able to avoid mortar deterioration because it will not last forever. But you can prolong the life of your firebox by installing  one of our heat reflecting shields. They not only offer protection to the back firewall- but they project about 30-40% more heat back into the room. It is a great addition to a fireplace for protection and better heating.

A deteriorated back wall becomes a dangerous situation as the missing mortar can allow flames to get to areas of the home it should not be in.

In 1982 I cleaned a chimney and found the crown in a serious state of disrepair. I told the homeowner about the need for a $100 repair job which she thought was too much and decided to save the money and neglect the warning. Four years later I got a call one night during a severe rain storm from the former customer. She said her house was filling with water coming from the fireplace. I reminded her of the repairs I recommended four years earlier. The phone went silent. Their chimney had failed completely and flooded the house with rainwater. It cost $20,000 to fix; I am sure that $100 savings looked awfully small then. We don’t give warnings for the fun of it.

With each recommendation we make to you, we not only tell you of the problems we have found, we take pictures and show you. We want to instill your trust in us by showing you exactly what we found.

Below are examples of our work. The first one on the left, in Killeen was done by a local chimney “pro” and failed after only two years. On the right is our repair which carries a 15 year warranty. I return to regularly clean the chimney and noticed no decline in protection from the day I first put it on.

We haven’t shown all crown repairs we’ve done over the years, but these will give you an idea of how your chimney will look once we have done the work. Ours are warranted repairs.

We use CrownCoat for most repairs because it is a flexible waterproof sealant that looks like normal cement when dry but remains tough as the weather changes. Unlike ordinary mortar and sand which is used on 99% of the chimneys around, this is a latex based formula that withstands the ravages of Texas weather. Unlike the rigid cement, CrownCoat flexes with the weather  extremes.  It applies with the consistency of gritty cake icing. We can also apply CrownCoat on a good chimney crown in order to prevent the cracks from ever forming.

I am thoroughly impressed with this product and hope you will be too.

We use a full line of products that will give your chimney the protection it needs.

Service Benefits

Deterioration from improperly crowned chimneys can begin almost immediately after it is poured, as the mortar cap dries and cracks.

Service details

  • Avoid mortar deterioation
  • Protects your entire chimney system
  • Provides protection and better heating
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