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Every fireplace smells after it has been used. It can smell worse during certain times of the year. You will notice it more in the burning season, damp seasons, or in windy weather. The reasons are simple. First is your chimney is always breathing. Think of it as a straw stuck in your house. As wind blows over the chimney it will draw air out of your home and just as easily the wind can blow those acrid odors back into your house. Second this is especially amplified when the weather is rainy or humid. The rain enters the chimney and permeates the soot amplifying the intensity of the odor. The same happens after several days of high humidity also. During the heating season, freshly coated creosote on the chimney walls are there to give off a strong aroma until dissipated. Just a slight breeze that is directed down your chimney can produce an awful smell. It is usually short lived until the ordinary draft takes the odors out and away.

Cleaning the chimney will help to some degree however it has been my experience that the chimney can never be scrubbed enough to eliminate odor. The reason is simple. When the fine smoke particles go up the chimney and coat the interior it soaks into the fine brick and flue tile pores making it impossible to remove. All the while they are susceptible to outside forces that make them ‘smell’.

Short of tearing the chimney down and rebuilding it after every fire, you are never going to get rid of the smell entirely. But there are other ways of handling the matter.

The odor can be stopped cold in it’s tracks with a Top Sealing Damper which allows no air movement down the chimney. Even more important in these times of high energy costs the Top Sealing Damper prevents the loss of air that has been heated or cooled, when the fireplace is not in use. Reports have been told of saving upwards of $400 a year on energy bills by stopping this big air leak. And the savings amount grows daily with escalating energy costs. Unlike a normal damper which is a metal to metal seal, all of our top sealing dampers have a metal to silicone gasket seal-like a refrigerator door. It stops the air movement cold. Air doesn’t move and the smell stays put. If you no longer use the chimney we would suggest you let us cap off the chimney with a stainless steel plate.

We further attack the acrid odors with our powerful chimney deodorant. Unlike the perfumed cover ups available in stores, ours is especially designed to fight the odors found in chimneys. We have two varieties of scent. One a slight apple scent, the other a stronger scent of bubble gum. Both work hare to devour the odor. The odor destroyers do have scents so if you are bothered by asthma, allergies or some other ailment that scented deodorants bother you, we urge you noet to use them but rely solely on our Top Sealing Dampers to stop the odor.

We will work hard to help you eliminate the problem.


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