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Then know: We hate to recommend extra repairs but do so only when we feel they are needed. We also get riled up when we hear  of the job other sweeps are doing in the area. Many people shop solely based on cost and decide to pick others to do  their work. It reminds me of the tv commercial of a man on the phone with a doctor andthe doctor tells him to take the scalpel and make an incision in his side….the man asks “shouldn’t you be doing this?”. Other sweeps do not pay attention to the safety of the chimney like we do.  Many are there just to take your money. This can be a life or death matter….YOUR LIFE AND YOUR DEATH. It should not go to the lowest bidder—the one there just for the money.

We are certified by the Chimney Professionals of America organization a competitor to the CSIA certification.

This really bothers us….A story will illustrate my case….I started in the 80’s and cleaned many, many chimneys in McCulloch county. I cleaned this one chimney once for an elderly couple, the “Smiths”. It was a new house and a very common fireplace. Nothing was wrong with it. We moved away and many years later were talked into coming back and cleaning a few chimneys. Mrs. “Smith” heard about it and got us to clean her chimney. Her husband had died and we were delighted to come and do it. When I arrived I noticed something had been done to it. Upon inspection I found it had been relined. I asked Mrs. “Smith” why did she have her chimney relined? She said after I left they had a guy who came to town  and started cleaning chimneys and he told them he had found severe cracks in the chimney making it unsafe. He then proceeded to talk her and her husband into having it relined. I told her the hairline cracks they had are extremely common in chimneys and did not warrant a reline. Somebody just fleeced her out of money. We both sat there and cried for while before I could proceed. This shook me up and still bothers me because I know there are scammers everywhere even in my neck of the woods.

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