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A Clean Sweep

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What’s in YOUR chimney? Doug Ables, a chimney sweep from Copperas Cove, Texas, is interviewed by Bob Phillips in this segment of Texas Country Reporter. Doug shares a list of some amazing things he has found in chimneys during his years as a chimney sweep.  From basketballs to . . . watch the video to find out!

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Replacement Fireplace Fans

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If your fireplace fans are making noise or just plain don’t work we can help. We have replaced the fans for masonry fireplaces and given them a new lease on life and we have upgraded the fans on prefabricated fireplaces. We have suppliers who can give us many varieties. However if you don’t have the electrical power run to the fan location you will need to get an electrician to do that first.

The rush is on

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Our first genuine cold snap is upon us and people naturally tend to think about staying warm this winter. It has been the same since we started the business 33 years ago….people wait until the last minute to get their fireplaces and chimneys taken care of. It gets hectic this time of the year and we appreciate the business but I wish more people would spread it out. It never fails that we will have a few call us at the last minute and want too burn a fire tonight, but when we get there we find the fireplace and chimney in a bad state of disrepair. It will take several trips to get it back in shape and they get frustrated having to wait. Some get so frustrated they will call our competitors and get work done that isn’t needed or be told they are safe to go ahead and burn the fireplace when they aren’t. I guess things will never change.
We get so busy this time of the year, we cut back on advertising to slow it down. I usually like to advertise in the surrounding papers and being in more business and help people that way. Invariably when I advertise I will get a few close in calls and always one on the fringes of our service area. It takes half a day or more to go and do the job and return and it kind of upsets the schedule. But we do it anyway and are happy to have the work. Keep it coming….but think ahead but backward…when you are not using your fireplace is the time to get it cleaned……

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