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  • Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

    Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

    VOTED BEST CHIMNEY SWEEP IN CENTRAL TEXAS By Readers of the Killeen Daily Herald in 2014 The Area's only certified chimney sweeps - Serving all of Bell, Coryell and Lampasas counties with the best chimney and dryer vent care - Since 1980

  • Fireplace Safety Products

    Fireplace and Home Safety Products

    For all your fireplace service, safety & home decor needs, call Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps. Check out our complete line of products.

  • FREE Resources about Home Safety

    Your home and hearth should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation - not a safety concern. Browse through our collection of free resources to keep informed on how to make your home a safer place.

  • Rooftops with Chimneys

    Quality Chimney Sweep Services

    Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps offers a variety of services - chimney, fireplace, and home safety, including animal removal and dryer vent cleaning. Call today: 254-547-6087.

Ables Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, Inc.

The area's only certified chimney sweeps.


Serving Bell, Coryell and Lampasas counties with the best chimney and dryer vent care since 1980.

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  • Fireplace Repair

    Fireplaces absorb great amounts of heat but not without suffering damage. We repair it and bring the fireplace up to codes for safety's sake.
  • Chimney Repair

    Chimneys must be kept in proper condition to withstand the effects of weather and last a long time. We are masters at keeping them in tip top shape.
  • Chimney Sweeping

    Creosote buildup poses a serious fire hazard that must be removed. We have taken an old tradition added modern methods and tools to give you the best service around. We do the job right and thoroughly, not a quick in and out stop leaving your family in peril of things you can see.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Over 17,000 dryer vent fires are reported every year. Most could have been prevented. We clean all types of dryer vents with our special tools. Immediate results and no mess.

It's time to have your chimney cleaned and freshened up for winter. Also give your dryer a fresh start - have your vent cleaned. Call 254-547-6087 today and be safe.

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